A Gift Overlooked

Oh how I love feedback.

Honesty, constructive criticism, you name it. It is feedback.

The world has the wonderful ability to gift us with feedback at nearly every moment of everyday.

Sometimes people tell us, other times we simply observe.

I am of the belief that what you do with that feedback greatly influences your future.

You can explain it away as if other people and the world don’t know what they are talking about and that of course the whole world should revolve around.

Or you can be curious about the gift of feedback that others and the world are offering you. Realize it is just that, feedback. Discover where your life is in line with your vision and areas that you can commit to shift in – to bring about different results.

The world. Other people. Your internal thoughts.

All gifts.

How would your future become instantly full of possibility if you were simply curious about them?