Poem: Behind Your Forehead

Behind your Forehead

As humans, we have the insane ability to use our creative powers for self-destruction
Instead of using reason utilizing induction; we choose that of unashamed deduction

Deducting ourselves; we become entrapped; struggling to remain nameless
When we should be inducting ourselves; settling for nothing less than greatness

Yes, it’s easier to hide; to revert behind the shadows of mediocrity;
But I wonder so often what really is it that’s powerful enough to stop me…

The reality is that real artists ship

Shipping is the collision of your art and the outside world
Shipping is the exposure of your vulnerabilities
Shipping is choosing the potential for failure over guaranteed indifference
Shipping is opening yourself up for certain criticism
Shipping is giving a dang about the future
Shipping is living slow to move fast
Shipping is stepping out there and getting after it
Shipping is letting go of what others think
Shipping is being comfortable in your own skin
Shipping is the truest form of authenticity


Shipping is realizing that if you don’t live your art; it can never inspire anyone, comfort anyone, encourage anyone
Nor give anyone hope when they most desperately need it.

Simply because you chose fear over courage
Selling out over giving it your best

So often it is said that you are the only person who can stop yourself…

Will you stop?

Stop failing before you begin
Stop being your worst critic
Stop wasting time hiding from what it is you need to be doing
Stop worrying about what others think
Stop playing it safe

Because we desperately need you to be with us
We need you to inspire us

James Joyce once wrote: “Your battles inspired me – not the obvious materiel battles but the ones that were fought and won behind your forehead.”

We need you to win those battles
We are here to help
But the one thing we can’t do…
Is stop you from sabotaging yourself

So uncross your arms, extend your hand towards mine
And let’s ship this thing with all we have inside
Life is just better lived putting it all on the line
Risk is what it takes to discover the greatness inside

When your art collides with the world
There will undoubtedly be damage that is collateral
Great thing is that this…this is where resilience is forged
In being able to press on even after taking on the shrapnel

Every part of me hopes that you’ll put your ship in the water
Take off the cover and expose the beauty within
Put up the sail and expose it to the wind
And ride off towards the unknown horizon with unprecedented determination

And when people stop you and ask
Why the ships name is “relentless”
You’ll simply respond with a question
What would it take for you to stand with us?