Calling Out Voices

Great people use their voice to call out the voices of others.

They do not sit around hoping to hit the destiny lottery, simply hope to get rich or famous, nor think only of themselves.

Because they know those things are in the end, empty.

Great people break down every obstacle necessary to help you find your voice and live your destiny.

Have you paused today to consider whose voice you could call out today?

Get, Get, Get to Give, Give, Give

I was talking with a friend a couple of weeks ago about what to focus on in life that will bring about the result of us being excited about getting out of bed each morning and then throughout our days.

As we were chatting, I shared with him that it seemed like his focus was consistently on what he can get out of life – i.e. what is in it for him. I asked him what might shift for him if he began to focus on what he wanted to give to the world.

And often, if we give that which we long to get, we experience great joy.

If passion is what we long for, why not get out and give it away? And see if we then find it.

For what a man sows, he reaps.

If you are reaping confusion, perhaps look where you are sowing lack of clarity.

Is Focus Chosen or Inherent?

Is focus something I choose? Or is it something I must be born with?

What do you think?

Gallups Strenthsfinder has one of their “talents” as “focus.” And I have seen some people who seem to naturally have incredible focus.

But, my question is this: Am I justified in not having focus based on whether or not it comes naturally?

I don’t think so.

I definitely wouldn’t describe myself as a person who naturally has focus. Yet, there have been times that I have chosen to be incredibly focused.

For me, it always comes down to how compelling and clear my vision is.

Because when I was pursuing my wife in hopes she would let me take her to dinner when we first met, I had world-class focus. My vision was crystal clear.

What do you think?

Looking for Justification

Have you ever stopped to think about how often you justify your holding back from going after that which you truly long for?

We’ve all got ‘em – great excuses to justify holding out on our dreams (and desired impact on the lives of others).

The question is this: How long will you pursue justification? How long will you keep blaming your past? Others? Circumstances? Fear? Etc.

Justification is most often a self-centered focus in an effort to protect oneself.

Tough to change the world from such a position.

Losing your curiosity

How far does someone need to push you before you lose your curiosity.

That just may be the point where curiosity would create a ridiculous breakthrough for you.

Curiosity it the light for a room full of confusion.

Are you willing?

Mental Labor Threshold

If you want to lead a successful and fulfilling life that makes a committed impact, I can guarantee you this:

There is a mental labor threshold you will get to cross.

That moment you are writing out your vision and you want to quit.

The moment you don’t know where to start and you have to choose if you will start anyways.

The moment you know you need to write about something and you can’t seem to put the pen to the page.

The moment you long to risk yet can’t seem to conjure up the courage.

Either you will cross it and push through, or you will find yourself obsessed with the easy side of the threshold – jealous of those who chose to take another step.

One question every morning

From “Do the Work” by Steven Pressfield:

At least twice a week, I pause in the rush of work and have a meeting with myself. (If I were part of a team, I’d call a team meeting.) I ask myself, again, of the project; “What is this damn thing about?”







Do you know why you are doing what you are doing today?

What is the desired end result?

What is it about?

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