Confusion Results in Mediocrity at Best

Have you ever thought about this: When we resist clarity, it reveals that we don’t believe in ourselves.

Living with confusion, resisting what it takes to move beyond confusion, choosing to be confused.

Is it possible that all of these scenarios reveal that we don’t believe in ourselves to put in the mental labor necessary to get clear so that we can be clear about what we are up to and subsequently throw ourselves fully into it.

What if choosing to be confused is simply a convenient way to hide from going “all in.”

And so, each day, I just dip my toe in. Day after day.

Instead of leaping headlong into the things I truly long for most. (And perhaps grabbing some others to jump with me).

And then, we wondered why we are frustrated, depressed, angry, bored, confused, apathetic, etc.

If you are there — stuck, confused, etc. You don’t have to stay there. Sometimes the first step is to realize you have chosen to be there.

Which means you can choose something new.


What if despair isn’t what you think it is?

What if despair isn’t a “bad” thing?

What if it is rather simply an invitation into a new conversation.

A conversation beyond the judgment of it and the thinking of “I shouldn’t be in despair.”

A conversation that reveals that you actually care enough about something to be in despair about it.




So what if you stopped judging your despair and just let it be. Get some perspective from those around you. And keep yourself open to what is being revealed in it.

The Choice to Worry

Have you ever sat back and thought about the experience that worry creates in you and those around you?

And challenged yourself to really describe what it is that happens in you when you worry?

A few things have happened in my life recently that typically would cause me to worry.

But then I thought about it and realized (along with the help of friends) that I am not confined to my worry.

I am not a slave to thinking about the limitations presented.

I can choose the opposite of worry, if I am willing.

So I looked up the antonyms of worry.





Yes, I could choose those.

And reap the benefits and experience they create in myself and others.

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On Productivity

Productivity is a mindset.

It says that I will do whatever it takes to put myself in a position to add to the conversation.

Even when I don’t have anything to add yet, because I have not yet put in the work.

Life is an invitation to work diligently to add value to the lives of others.

Sometimes that is sowing seeds, other times, it’s harvesting.

Many of us fail to choose the discipline of productivity in the sowing, and are frustrated when the harvest is sparse.

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