I need to work on myself first

I’m quite in wonderment about this whole idea.

When I hear someone say this.

“I need to work on myself first before I get into a relationship.”

Honestly, I think this is such an illusion.

How do we work on ourselves outside of the context of community.

Outside of looking into our impact on others.

How else can we know ourselves?


What if you tried this today?

Find a company or person doing something you believe in.

And champion their cause.

Support them.

Share their movement.

Do this enough, and you may get more traction when you want someone to champion you.

Give that which you wish to receive.

Which way will you lean?

Think about this moment you are in right now.

And who you are choosing to be.



The person you are choosing to be right now is based on one of two things.

The past.


The future.

One of those two options you are actually capable of doing something about.

I want you to like me

When my M.O. is wanting people to like me, what do you think that communicates to others?

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t communicate what I think I want it to communicate.

Most often, “I want you to like me” translates to “I want you to like the BS facade I put up around you.”

We mask this all behind pretending we live our lives to serve others when at the end of the day – making choices based on our desire to be like has way more to do with serving ourselves.

I’m not so concerned about you liking me. I’m way more committed to you knowing I would take a bullet for you.

You may have given up

Before all this happened, I didn’t believe it could.

I didn’t even know it was in the realm of possibility.

I didn’t think I could get up from my work and think: “I want to be this fulfilled always.”


Actually, beyond impossible. I didn’t even know it existed.

And then, here I am, sitting here with two dear friends, about to create a 1 minute video to win a contest.

And strategizing on practical ways to make your life better.

And being comfortable in my own skin.






Whatever it is you don’t think is possible.

You. Are. Wrong.

You may have given up, but you can quit that too.

Deliberately Inviting – Part 1

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I had a “theoretical” understanding of what it meant to be so committed to living into the impossible that I could actually invite others to live into the impossible as well. i.e. being committed to doing things in the future that currently seem impossible

And then my wife Sarah and I met Fay.

And the theoretical turned practical.

Fay is the founder of Deliberate Life magazine. (www.deliberatelifemag.com). Do yourself a favor and subscribe.

Fay takes “all in” to a whole new level. So much so that – without asking (and she probably doesn’t even know this) – she has invited Sarah and I into a new level of committing to a life of finding possibility in the face of limitation.

Finding a way when nobody thought there was one.

Just by the way she lives.

She is an invitation into the crazy impossibly committed life that most think is ridiculous but for those of us who think mediocrity and predictability is boring and sucks – well – we love it.

She didn’t have to force some manifesto on us. She lived the manifesto for us. And for you.

It’s inconceivable to invite others to believe in and live into the impossible if you aren’t willing to leap first – and keep leaping until things happen.

What invitation are you?

{For more about Fay’s movement and magazine – online at www.deliberatelifemag.com, facebook at https://www.facebook.com/deliberatelife, and subscribe on itunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/deliberate-life-magazine/id584626315?mt=8}

Will you come invite with us?

If you are stuck, try this.

Have you ever been at this place where you are stuck?

Unsure of what it is you are passionate about. Unsure of your vision. Unsure of what to do with your day or with your free time.

Unsure of what you are here on earth for.

Along with continuing to seek out your personal journey, try this:

Find some people doing some amazing things in the world, and serve them.

Find a movement (like deliberate life) or socially conscious company or non-profit or whatever – and help them out. Help them live their dreams. You just might find yours in the process.

Sure beats sitting around hoping your dream will somehow miraculously just find you.

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