Waking up Invigorated

If you are anything like me, there is a part of you (or all of you) that would love to wake up each morning, full of energy and anticipation.

Yet, life isn’t always like this.

Many days in my life I have woken up with no idea what I was really up to. I just woke up because well, that is what people do.

Yet, what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you could wake up nearly every day, anticipating the impact you were going to have on others.

From the brief 29 years I have lived, I have found only one primary way to wake up with invigoration.

Know the difference I long to see in the world and then making a decision to see it happen.

That’s it.

Discover what it is that I would be absolutely ecstatic to see happen, and declare that it will happen.

And that is the moment I began waking up, anticipating just how in the heck I would create that vision.

I am sleeping better now than ever before.

The focus of your vision

Today I was thinking about my vision for the future.

It occurred to me that if my vision is focused on who I am committed to becoming, it falls a bit short of inspiring.

And then when I focus my vision on who I am committed to being for others, I become full of excitement.

I begin to dream of who others might become as a result of my influence in their life (in conjunction with many other influences that they will undoubtedly have).

It is a subtle shift, and one that has made a tremendous difference for me.

Give it a try, take a minute and imagine others coming fully alive.

Then do everything in your power to make that happen.

In the process, you might just become more than you ever imagined you’d be.

Asking Questions and Giving Advice

As an exercise today, take an internal inventory of when you are asking others questions vs when you give others advice (solicited or not).

Asking questions brings about self-generated insights.

Giving advice is a form of giving your insights to others.

It is no secret that people act much more quickly and with much more intentionality when they generate their own insights.

And, studies show that when you ask a number of questions and aid someone in coming up with self-generated insights,  people become more open to the advice you have.

How much more possibility would you have access today if you led with intentional questions?


I heard a question the other day, and it really got me thinking.

“How do you occur to yourself.”

I wonder what it would like to be someone other than myself for a day and then experience myself.

I wonder what I would think?

Is there a way to truly get this perspective from others in our lives?

How would you say is the best way to get a 360 degree occurrence of oneself?

We need you to lead us

So many people are just living with the status quo, simply because that is what everyone else is doing.

I believe many of these people are longing to be led out of the mediocre life.

It only takes one.

Who will you lead out of mediocrity today?

It could be a conversation in a coffee shop, an encouraging note or email, a hug, or anything else you can do to creatively lead others.

We need you.

What is True for them

I am no stranger to conflict.

I read something the other day that discussed conflict. It said that often times in conflict, we are so focused on ourselves and the point we are trying to make…

Rather than engaging what is true for the other person.

Now I wish I could say I always engage what is true for the other person all the time.

Yet I miss it at times.

My commitment is that, in the midst of conflict or any other conversation, I will engage what is true for the other person.

And when I miss it, when I get overly focused on what I think and the point I want to make, I will ask forgiveness and recommit to that person to engage and be curious about what is true for them.


Guy Garvey wrote: ”Just start scribbling. The first draft is never your last draft. Nothing you write is by accident.”

Nothing you write is by accident.


I don’t know about you, but this is incredibly inspiring to me.

To know that my writing is not an accident.

The first draft simply gets me closer to the final draft.

I wonder which draft would be considered the most innovative.

If I were to guess, I would say the first draft is the most innovative: it is where you begin to develop the idea and put it down on paper.

The subsequent drafts are hard work, yet often they are the refinement of the way in which the content is delivered.

My encouragement is to go write, knowing it is on purpose.

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