Expanding your confidence

I was talking with Bill Bradley the other day.

Bill Bradley: the guy who ran the Grand Canyon rim to rim SEVEN TIMES consecutively in under 6 days – a Guinness world record. The guy is determined to conquer his fears. Check out his latest interview here.

To date, he has attempted to swim the english channel. Incredible for anyone, especially someone who doesn’t like water too much.

I asked Bill why he does these things that he is so afraid of.

He responded by saying that he doesn’t want to have any fears – and one of the ways to overcome a fear is simply to step straight into it.

He went on: “the only way to expand your sphere of confidence is to step outside of what you are comfortable with.”

So many of us want to gain confidence without risking beyond our comfort zone. And then we wonder why, after years of playing it safe, our confidence is in the same place, perhaps even lower than before.

What will you do today to expand your sphere of confidence? TODAY!

Bill said something that will stick with me a long time: “It’s a lot harder to die than people think.”

How willing are you?

(By the way – Bill is 53 years young and his motto is “Show up and Suffer”) 

Comparison to your former self

Recently I caught myself comparing myself to my former self.

And then I realized that in doing so, I find myself in judgment of my former self (typically in a negative light).

And judgment in this nature is not a resourceful thing.

It is laced with envy and jealousy. Wishing I had done something different then.

What if I just accepted what I did then and realize I did the best I could at the time with the information I had.

And moved into the unprecedented future with hope, passion, and excitement.

Rather than sabotage my future by living in the past?


Do you know?

{Photo courtesy of 365q.ca}

Do you know what really matters to you?

And do you think of it often, driving towards it with each decision?

Or perhaps you just drift along, wondering if you will ever find it.

How valuable do you think it would be to know clearly what it is that drives you most in life?

What sacrifices would you be willing to make to find what matters most?

It’s possible that you could increase your passion, excitement, and even income by doing so.

Are you willing?

What action will you take today?

Clear Committed Communication

How clear is your communication?

How committed?

If it’s not, no wonder you are confused.

Guaranteed way to get stuck

In relating to people, do you relate to them based on circumstances or based on your vision?

Imagine for a minute that your vision is to be loving.

Then, someone does something that upsets you.

Do you become judgmental of them and what they did and how you can’t believe they did it.

Or…do you choose your vision – to be loving despite circumstances – by actually talking to them about what happened in a loving and honest way, seeking clarity, etc.

If you live based on your own judgments and circumstances, you leave a lot of opportunities on the table.

I guarantee you the best way to get stuck is to be judgmental of yourself and others. And then find people who judge like you do and tell them about your judgments. And talk about your judgments.

It sure is a great way to avoid the intimacy we long for.

Is your story serving your future?

Looking back on your life, you have a story. We all do.

Do you think it is possible to rewrite or reframe your story?

I believe it is. Here is an example.

When I was in 6th grade, I had a girlfriend who was popular named Amber. Before Amber dated me, she dated a popular guy named Mike.

And then one day, Mike and his cool friends informed me that Mike and Amber were going out again. This was news so me because Amber never actually broke up with me.

I was crushed.

Now, I can share the story in a way that focuses on myself and how this horrible thing happened to me.

But what if I told the story in a new way. What if I went back and considered what God might have been wanting to teach me through my life. What if I could go back and be curious about why Mike and his friends were being mean to people.

Maybe God was wanting me to see what happens when people act out of self interest. And for me to see the times I currently act out of self interest. And how that might affect others around me.

If it were possible to re-imagine your story in a way that serves your future vision, would you be up for the challenge?

A room full of curious

Do you judge your judgments?

Assess your assessments?

Challenge your assumptions?

Interpret your interpretations?

Set down your camera for the sake of seeing another viewpoint?

Or do you simply live in a reality illusion?

One approach creates and invites a room full of curiosity, perspective, openness, and the unprecedented.

The other: arrogance, limitation, judgment, and the same old thing.

Definitely. Nothing. New.

On a scale from 1-10, how curious are you?

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