>> What do you do?

I am a leadership speaker and coach. Through this, I help people get out of their own way by focusing on making a difference in the lives of others. When working with me, people are empowered to get clear about the difference they are committed to making in the world and then orient their entire life around that change. During coaching sessions, we will celebrate areas they are succeeding in and then address obstacles that are holding them back. I am straight up with clients when I see areas that are limiting their success. These “areas” are called blind spots and they hold people back without them realizing it. Once they come into viewpoint, they can shift them to work in their favor so that their entire being is moving towards their vision. Overall, together, we will get results in the areas they are committed to seeing transformation so that they can help others live out their dreams. Yes, I did say “others.” Once a client figures out how to help others live their dreams, their dreams will take care of themselves.


>> What type/genre of life coaching do you practice?

I practice “Leadership Coaching.” This is a unique form of coaching that focuses on the question: “What impact are you committed to having in your life and in the world?”


>> What is Leadership Coaching? 

Leadership Coaching is a relationship between a coach and client in which you:

1) Choose Your Future. The coach and client work together and the clients choose the impact they are committed to seeing in their lives. Examples of Impact: transforming the morale/culture of an organization, balancing priorities including work and home life, starting a business or nonprofit, successfully navigating relational conflict, self-confidence, making a desired difference in the world, helping people in third world countries start businesses, regaining your passion and motivation, reducing stress, etc.

2) Own Your Future. The clients decide to own their future. The clients can envision being in the future and looking back knowing that they made decisions they are proud of. This empowers the client to make whatever choices today that bring about the future they are committed to.

3) Go. This means to live in action with full intentionality towards the impact you are committed to. No holding back. An unprecedented future doesn’t happen while sitting on a couch or complaining about circumstances. Those who make a difference find a way to make things happen and fight for unprecedented possibility in the face of limitations.


>> How do I get started in coaching with you or having you speak at our event?

You can email me at david@davidagerber.com or call me at 402.968.5372. From there we can have a conversation and see if I can help. If I can help and we are good fit, we can discuss coaching options. For speaking inquiries, please email me at david@davidagerber.com and we can discuss details of your event.


>> What does the coaching process look like? Can you give me an overview?

The process begins by discovering what impact you are committed to seeing in your life. What areas of your life are frustrating you and/or what areas of your life do you want to raise the bar in terms of your results? This typically takes 1-2 sessions to get clarity regarding what you are committed to. Once this is nailed down, we begin the transformational coaching process. There will be homework for you to do in between coaching sessions. Throughout coaching sessions, I will give my feedback as a way for you to have another perspective on your life as a resource to living out your revolution. In this process, we cover a number of different distinctions including, but not limited to, the following:

Staying focused on your vision

Committed to a Vision vs. Victim of Circumstance

Being vs. Doing

Context vs. Content

Forcing it vs. Happening Naturally



Be Do Have vs Do Have Be

Intent and Impact


>> What are the individual coaching sessions like? What can I expect from each session?

Coaching sessions are 50-60 minutes in length and are done either over the phone, skype, or in person. Each session is unique. I typically begin the call by asking: What is your vision for this call? What breakthrough are you looking for or what clarity are you seeking? Perhaps it is a relationship conflict you want to understand and take action on. Or it could be you are looking for new possibility in getting funding for a business startup. Or perhaps you seem to have lost your motivation and want to regain your passion. Together we hone that vision into something that can be covered in a 50 minute call. After that, I listen to you share what it going on. Then I ask questions around the idea of opening possibility, overcoming obstacles, exploring blind spots, etc. What does that all mean? The reality is that there is so much going on around us and so much information coming at us each day. Studies show that we truly absorb and process less than 1% of all the data coming at us. My role as a coach is to help others see things outside that 1% that will open possibilities that my clients may not see. I am certain that within the other 99% of the data that there is resource to help you resolve the issue you are up against or obstacle you are seeking to break through. Through the process of us talking, together we push towards your vision. The goal of the call is that you walk away with clear action steps and a deeper understanding that will enable you to live out your desired revolution. These action steps may be shifts in your way of being and the way you are approaching reality, clear conversations with others, writing/journaling to seek greater clarity yourself, or specific tasks to be completed, etc. In addition to that, on most calls there is a part where I offer my feedback to you in order to give you another perspective and provide you resource that you didn’t previously have. This feedback will contain insights about your blind spots that you can utilize to then see those blind spots and adjust your approach to realign with your revolution.

>> How are results measured?

Results are measured based on the goals that are set. The goals are created based on what it will take for your committed vision to happen. We reverse engineer your vision and then determine what goals will result in having it happen. We review progress regularly.