Poem: About Me

My greatest fear is that I don’t have what it takes.

To create the life I long for.

That I will play it safe my whole life because I am afraid to fail.

My greatest fear is that I will always flinch.

When life provides opportunities for me to risk,

I’m afraid I will always cower in fear.

Like a boxer, about to receive a knockout blow

I am doing everything imaginable simply to stay on my feet

I can imagine this future, where I have what it takes,

…somewhere out there

Yet it is always out there, and I’m afraid it will never come

Or that I will never go.

I don’t know.

I wonder how long I will be here. In this place.

This is the conversation I have in my head.

That I don’t tell anyone.

And I convince myself that others don’t know it is there.

I once read, “self-actualization is possible only as a side-effect of self-transcendence.”

It occurs to me that focusing purely on my fears is a self-absorbed pursuit

And I wonder, how do I transcend myself when I am obsessed with myself.

This may seems harsh, but does that make it untrue?

So what does it mean to transcend oneself?

Transcend is Latin for “climb across”

What if transcending myself meant I’d do whatever it takes,

To climb to you

Going beyond myself in the process, I focus on you.

It is so often said, “You get what you focus on”

You focus on your fears, you get – your fears.

You focus on climbing towards others, you get – others, the gift of community.

What if we shifted our focus from the difference WE WANT TO MAKE in the world,

To the difference WE WANT TO SEE in the world.