Poem: LiveDreaming

Have you ever thought about those times in the past?

When you wish you had made better decisions

When your position was indecision and you realized that such apathy

Left your soul with an open incision

Instead of stepping into those moments that are incredibly defining

You sat silently by watching TV instead of deciding

And now you can’t stop from rewinding those times in your mind

Wishing you had done something worthy to be defined as kind

The reality is this:

People will not follow titles, but they will follow courage

This begs the answer to the question

Why is there no competition for the courageous position

Why have we hidden from stepping out into the face of opposition and indecision

Meanwhile inserting a glass ceiling depicting

Mediocrity: the height of our life’s mission

In the short run, mediocrity seems easier if we lack wisdom that is discerning

But we fail to realize that normality in reality leaves our soul yearning

It seems we spend our entire lives drafting up some mundane manifesto,

But for some reason I can’t get my soul to indulge in that type of status quo

I can’t stand to live a life that is average and mundane, empty and meaningless

I don’t want to wake up each day with my life in a mess

Where all I do is get dressed and pick up my girl while driving my benz on this quest

Trying to convince those around me that … my life is the best

I have this feeling in my gut

That life is more about the why than the what

I long to really find what exists deep inside

That from within me, great things could derive

I want to gravitate towards those choices which make me come alive

Where the life I dream about living and the life that I am living — collide

Where there is no divide between the person I want to become and the person I am becoming

Yet up until now my life has not been what it could be

I have not made the choices which ultimately … set me free

But my future does not have to look like my past

I can choose to live rather than merely exist behind a mask

And I must…that is…if I want to live the life that I only live when I am dreaming

So often when I am dreaming, I feel as if great ideas are often careening

Off the seemingly endless expanse of my imagination

Do you ever just sit back and dream anymore

Like the time when you were four

And your imagination you adored

You dreamed more than you had time for

But that’s just not reality anymore

You became civilized and convinced that dreaming is for kids

Dreaming should remain in the minds of those who have time

Which, by the way, is no one

Who has time for dreaming?

There is way too much to get done

And so we rule out all of the fun

That is going on in our endless imagination

Because now we have an education

That tells us that dreaming is time we are wasting

And so the daylight, we stop chasing…

I crave a future that looks much better than my past

Because if I don’t…what’s inside of me will have to find a way to lie to me

Until I have been convinced that the lie is reality

And I… stop… dreaming…

But you can’t convince me that this is where the story has to end

There is an entire future out there waiting to be created

And even though the better choices are often more difficult to make

What’s at stake is that we live in the wake of this insatiable desire within our core

That can’t be ignored that states that we want to do something great

By helping others escape to a place where they experience life at a whole new level

The yearning exists longing to woo you in with its wit

And it doesn’t seem to care what other people swear is true about you

For the simple fact that what they say doesn’t stand a chance in the debate about the beauty that lies within you

Because I think you know the desire is there

And you care and you swear that you want to live your dreams

And so the question lies not about dreams and their existence,

But in this instance, the question is whether you will remain merely daydreaming or jump into the realm of uncertainty which lies beyond your abilities refusing anything less than livedreaming.