Poem: Scripting Uncertainty

Life is visceral

Well at least I hope it is

Standing at the crossroads of the life I long for
And the one I’m leaving behind

Not a place to be for someone with a weak stomach

Looking out at the horizon, full of hope, fears, and everything in between
Looking back, wondering how I arrived here

Imagining what it is going to take for me to leap

I realize this is all part of the journey

A fulfilled life is inconsistent with cowardice
Nobody gets a free pass
The reward cannot be gained without the risk

You see, it is when you risk that you truly find yourself

Beyond all the ways you can script the predictable
And lay it all out as if you are unstoppable

Yet you know deep down inside the only one stopping you
Is you

And the only way to become unstoppable
Is to start quitting

Quit giving up on yourself
Quit letting fear have its way
Quit worrying about the worst case scenario
Quit holding out on the world around you

And start realizing its not about you

Its about connecting to them. Him. Her.

You can’t script others the way you do yourself.

Start living for them. Finding yourself in them. Fighting for them.

Unpredictable them.

How do you script uncertainty?

You don’t. You show up.