Work With Me

One thing I’d like you to know about me and the way I run my business: It is important to understand that I am building long-term relationships and lasting change with the people and companies I work with.

Whether we have one conversation, work together for a short time, or I coach you for many years, I’m committed to you and your company. I’m fully focused on creating monumental shifts in the lives of individuals, teams, and companies, one conversation at a time.

My coaching/consulting ignites the hearts of people so they can lead vibrant, productive, and impactful lives, companies, and organizations.

Some coaches tweak, buff, or improve. My coaching radically transforms the way people live.

I offer coaching and consulting services in a number of different formats including:

  • Keynotes
  • Large Group Interactive Workshops (30 – 250+ participants)
  • Small Group Interactive Workshops (2 – 30 participants)
  • Leadership retreats/off-sites
  • Group Coaching
  • Individual one-on-one coaching

My coaching and consulting services cover a number of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Leadership development
  • Understanding and implementation of strengths
  • Employee engagement and creativity
  • Developing a “solutions-driven” mentality amongst employees
  • Conflict resolution
  • Productivity and Time Management
  • Eliminating complaining in the workplace
  • Creating unprecedented results

If you are interested in working together, please email


“With David’s coaching, I was targeting $100k of production, and I actually hit $110k, which was double my production from the year before! Also, I learned, grew, and developed more that year than in the 5 years prior. It was a scary commitment to do the coaching as the cost/investment was significant, but it has by far been one of the best decisions I have ever made.” 

Dan Hollett, Financial Advisor

“The key to David’s success as a professional coach and speaker is that he always identifies what his ‘intention’ is, and then builds his presentation around accomplishing that intention.  This strategy keeps him very focused.  While, on one level, he is relaxed and improvisational, he never loses sight of where he wishes to end up by the end of the message.”

Mark McLeod, Director, Leadership East Bay

“David was a joy to work with before, during, and after his presentations. He took time to ask about the needs of the audience and tailored his talk to the challenges in their lives.”

Meghan Colgan, Program Director, Biotech Partners

“For me personally, his points on “the posture of curiosity”, the “reality illusion” and effecting a “revolution” has stayed with me and become part of my personal tool kit.”

Brian Donohue, Attorney at Law

A video about how I helped a client change jobs, triple his salary, and travel the world.