Three Ways I Can Serve You

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Personalized 1-on-1 coaching customized just for you. Are you living into your full capacity? Are you playing full out? Want to put yourself on the hook to create unprecedented results?

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Group coaching gives you the benefit of being on a coaching call with 3-4 other people. You get coaching and you get to see others get coached as well. The focus is on setting clear goals and sticking with it. Inquire to see when the next group starts.

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Interested in increasing the results of your team? Focus of Team Coaching is on results and team dynamics. Topics often include: Setting exciting goals, clarity of communication, feedback, creating agreements, and learning to celebrate success together.

"Coaching isn't about fixing what's wrong, it's about exploring what you're capable of."

- Jason Jaggard -


Schedule a call for us to discuss how I can best serve you or your organization.

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During our time together, we explore your goals, needs, and what it would take to lead an amazing life!

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If I can serve your needs, I will send you an agreement for coaching/speaking/training services.


What Clients Are Saying...


Eric GregsoN // Producer
two bridges film

David’s coaching has become the most transformational process I have ever been a part of. I never knew that my quality of life and results could improve this dramatically. His commitment to my highest and best has forever changed my vision for what is possible!

Dan Hollett // Financial Advisor
Priority financial advice

With David’s coaching, I was able to more than double my production/sales from the year before, something I never thought possible. Also, I learned, grew, and developed more that year than in the 5 years prior. It was a scary commitment to do the coaching as the cost/investment were significant, but it has by far been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Kellyn Robison // VP of everything
istoria collective

David asks the hard questions and leaves space for me to walk into the answers on my own. Working with him has elevated the way that I see myself, my work, and the way that I approach everything.

jeremiah aja // psychotherapist & speaker
wellness together

Working with David has made a massive impact on my life. Close friends said they noticed an obvious shift in me after working with him. The investment I made in David's coaching has produced life-changing opportunities for me and my family. How I show up in the world today is largely due to David's fierce dedication to me as a client.

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Zach Capshaw // Consultant

When I met David I felt stuck and unfulfilled in my career. David guided me in crafting a new vision for my life and building an actionable plan. Through his coaching, I was able to switch career paths and land my dream job.

Tommy Green // founder
run against traffic

Engaging in the coaching process with David has led me into greater clarity and understanding of myself and opened up opportunities and doors into my future in ways I never thought possible. His coaching has absolutely transformed my life. 

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Wayne Miller // Producer, Songwriter, & Musical Director
selma studios

Working with David Gerber is an immersive and transformative experience. The thing that always impressed me was his ability to help me stay committed to my vision. When I got bogged down in details, he was able to help me zoom out and see the big picture. After working with David, I have a clearer intention for my life and my businesses and I'm finally aware of the power I truly have to lead my life!