We all arrange our days.

Even those of us who tend to be less structured.

Being less structured is a way of arranging our days.

And we arrange our days around the things that we value the most.

We spend our time on the things we are committed to. And we arrange our lives in such a way to accomplish the things we are committed to.

For example, if you have tickets to your favorite concert 3 days from now, I can guarantee that you have arranged the next 72 hours of your life in such a way that you make it to that concert.

So what point am I trying to make?

There are times when we commit to things and then we don’t follow through.

For example, I say I will get you a proposal by 5pm next Monday and I don’t deliver on my promise. And typically if asked about why I didn’t get the proposal done on time, I would begin to come up with excuses as to why I didn’t get it done.

Rather than accept responsibility for missing it and recommitting to get it done by a renegotiated due date.

Because the reality is that “other” things didn’t “get in the way” of me getting the proposal done on time.

I just didn’t arrange my life in such a way as to deliver on my word.

Owning up to that is called taking responsibility. Making excuses is called unreliable.

Because if it was external factors that caused me to not get the proposal done on time, then how can you depend on me. Those same “other things” that “got in the way” might get in the way again. And again. And again.

And I would then become a person who is not dependable.

Unless I make the choice to consistently arrange my life in such a way as to deliver on my commitments.

I keep wondering why so many of us keep on making excuses, unaware of the countless prices that are being paid when we are looked at as unreliable.