My opinion about someone or something is just that – my opinion or my thoughts.

I then express those thoughts that I have about someone or something through language that I tell myself and others.

The main thing I must remember is that this is all MY experience of the world.

And just like I have an experience of the world – so does EVERYONE else. And their experience is valid as well.

If I think that my experience of the world is FACT, then I will find myself stuck because I will think that anyone who sees the world differently as being irrational or disconnected from “reality.” And this will not be helpful because people can tell when I think their viewpoint of the world is inferior.

Therefore, to best move forward, we can come to the table and listen to many experiences of the world and know that we have just one piece of the very large puzzle. It helps us stay both grounded and curious. Grounded because we realize we don’t know everything and curious because there is a world of knowledge out there. And there are amazing people we can learn from.

May we focus on being students rather than teachers.