Shame comes in a number of different formats.

Sometimes it can be shame about something you regret doing in the past.

Shame can be about being ashamed of something that happened to you.

Shame can be the belief “I am not who I should be yet.”

Or a number of different options.

What we are worshipping is the story or belief that we have inside of us.

We are believing the story that by being ashamed – that will somehow propel us forward.

Meanwhile, it has the exact opposite effect.

It is a way we hold ourselves back.

It is a way we take from the world rather than give to the world.

It is a way we are selfish rather than selfless.

It is a way of being greedy rather than generous.

Let’s expose shame for what it is and shift to freedom.

You are not your story. You are wonderful. That is what you are. Remember that.