Inadequacy is a good thing

If you are experiencing feelings of inadequacy - that is a good thing. Because you are stretching yourself beyond what your comfort zone.

If you aren’t experiencing inadequacy in your leaderhship development or other areas of your life - it’s because you are doing things that you already know how to do. But the human mind was designed for challenge, growth, and forward momentum.

Sarah Blakely, the founder of Spanx, speaks about how, when she was young - her father would ask her at the dinner table “What have you failed at this week?” Because for him, failing at things is what leads to success. Embracing inadequacy creates growth and progress.

She also said in an interview recently, “If I go more than 2-3 months without embarrassing myself, I get nervous.” Here is a self-made billionaire talking about seeking out ways to embarrass herself, therefore embracing her inadequacies, and learning how to further change the world in the process. 

May we follow in her steps.