CEO of your Life

I hired a new coach recently. His name is Jon Roberts. And he had this idea.

We would treat the coaching sessions like board meetings.

For the period of our coaching (6 months), we were to focus the board meetings on the growth of the revenue of my company.

My coach, Jon, would be the Board of Directors, and I would be the CEO.

If you are familiar with the Enneagram Assessment, I most identify with characteristics of an Enneagram 7.

Setting up the coaching like this was just what I needed.

Enneagram 7’s typically have a tendency to struggle with the details and disciplines of running a well-run business.

And so, Jon, knowing me, knew that for me to focus on the details would be a good stretch for me.

We are only about 6 weeks in, and the results are beginning to shift in many ways and I’m beginning to see the gaps in my “business.” I’m beginning to see some of the details of my business where I am leaving value on the table.

And the weird thing is - I’m starting to fall in love with the details quite a bit.

INSIGHT: When you get really ultra clear on the details - it will expose the gaps, blindspots, and weaknesses of your business and/or life.

Therefore, I’m seeing all of these gaps. It has been challenging, but also so so helpful.

I read this quote recently: “Only the disciplined are free.”

And I’m finding it to be more true than ever.

I’m becoming a great CEO of my business and life and choosing to enjoy the process.

And I think Jon is enjoying pressing in on the details (as any chairman would), along with advocating for me in ways that few people in my life ever have before.

I’m grateful.

If you treated your life like you were a phenomenal CEO and had an incredible Board of Directors - what difference would that make for your life?