One way to explore and discover what you want

For this exercise - I highly recommend blocking out at least an hour. (I’ve done this in 2 and 4 hour chunks of time). I know, this may sounds like forever. But, as you think about it and read on, you are going to be thinking a bit about the rest of your life. And thus, I think it warrants the investment of time. It’s ultimately up to you - but most people I know who are successful AND happy AND fulfilled/satisfied spend time doing what I describe below.

Note: this is somewhat intentionally open ended. It’s meant as a brainstorming and thinking time.

I don’t think we spend enough time just thinking anymore due to bouncing from thing to thing to thing. We don’t stop and just be bored because there is always a text to respond to, a Netflix show to binge watch, instagram stories to see, etc.

Here is the exercise:

Find a place where you can be completely free of distractions.

Set a timer for 1 hour, 2 hours, or perhaps 4 hours if you dare.

The only things you will need are paper and pens.

Go in with no expectation. Sometimes I write quite a bit. Sometimes I don’t write at all.

Be fully content from the beginning that you don’t need to walk away with any answers. I’ve had times I’ve done this and had huge breakthroughs and revelations. And at times I’ve just allowed my mind to wander. I have found that the more I surrender to what I think needs to happen, the more relaxed I am, and thus, the better my thinking is during the time.

Then - sit there and just think.

Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What do I really, really, really want?

  • What am I capable of?

  • What do I really WANT to be capable of?

  • What am I afraid to say that I want?

  • If I could leave a multigenerational, positive legacy on the world - what would it be?

And just sit there and think about these things.