Great people use their voice to call out the voices of others.

They do not sit around hoping to hit the destiny lottery, simply hope to get rich or famous, nor think only of themselves.

Because they know those things are in the end, empty.

Great people break down every obstacle necessary to help you find your voice and live your destiny.

Have you paused today to consider whose voice you could call out today?


How do we stay focused on making a difference and living out our passions and calling?

Even when our tendency may be to shy away, pretend we are invincible, let ourselves off the hook, lack curiosity, desire comfort over hard work, blame others instead of accepting responsibility, etc.

How do we fight living in a fantasy world in which the choices we are making today don’t actually add up to the difference we long to see in the world?

We actually decide to actively give a dang about others.

Remember that to “decide” literally means “cut away from the familiar.”

Stop being familiar and surprise us.


I was talking with a friend a couple of weeks ago about what to focus on in life that will bring about the result of us being excited about getting out of bed each morning and then throughout our days.

As we were chatting, I shared with him that it seemed like his focus was consistently on what he can get out of life – i.e. what is in it for him. I asked him what might shift for him if he began to focus on what he wanted to give to the world.

And often, if we give that which we long to get, we experience great joy.

If passion is what we long for, why not get out and give it away? And see if we then find it.

For what a man sows, he reaps.

If you are reaping confusion, perhaps look where you are sowing lack of clarity.


My complaints are interpretations of facts, not facts themselves.

When I complain, I often feel justified in my complaining because I think my complaint itself is the facts (not simply an interpretation).

But if I am only going after feeling justified, where does that get me? Typically this just gets me the result I already have rather than something new.

Newness comes from accepting my complaint as my experience of reality and then creating a new way of interpreting the facts.